So for my gui I have about 12 windows 900x700(aprox. size). Thing is that in order to save me some time instead of keeping 1 base background image and add all the elements in it, I created 12 versions of the image containing all the non-responsive elements and then added the actual buttons as separate objects.

So I know it is bad practice but really how bad is it for my case? I mean should I fix it or the performance drop is insignificant??
12 windows, if one of them has 100 buttons, 12 would have 12,000. I believe that there is no significant weight in this case, having weight, the customer suffers more than the dedicated (server)

The .dmf file is on the client, I honestly find it difficult to have significant weight

If your cpu goes up, that is not responsible for even 0.05% of your cpu. Think about seeking the real cause
Thanks for the reply btw I forgot to mention they are screen objects I use dmf only for basic layout. And about buttons I use very few I mean 1-20 for each window

Well the real cause is having 1600 visible tiles but Im trying to optimize everything so I dont have to increase my tile size to 46 from 32
Note the client.fps.

Note the world.fps.

If you have a move transition between blocks in the client.view (client.fps)

If they are animations with delay 0.1 between states, none of the 2 fps will interfere.

These weights on fps will weigh much more on the video card.

I believe that performance values are the smallest of their problems as long as they do it correctly, they will be very low if done right, wrong things cause 0.001% cpu to turn 0.5%

The weight will be for the client, if client.fps, or pic size on screen, or low delays between image frames.

The weight becomes the dedicated (server) world.fps.

It makes it the most comfortable for you.

Alert that! Do not overlap images, all the bass will have its expense, even if underneath!