Hello everyone! Truth be told I'm fairly nervous to be here but luckily i've had alot of help from a group of my peers as well as advice from my mentors. If there's anyone who has any free time to give me some future pointers about ideas for the type of game we're creating i'd love you for life lol.

Furthermore i'm ready to attempt publishing and boy let me tell you, It's nerve racking to be here. *Now i know how squidward felt when he was trying to prepare his ice sculpture ROFL*.

I'm a bit under the weather to top it off. I wound up getting severely sick and not to get off topic but i'm going through a divorce :(. I admit that this makes it hard for me to work as she used to watch me work on the game all the time but why stop now? Am i right?

This may sound pretty lame but in times of my deepest vulnerability i've turned to online games as a result of living by myself it often gets lonely. I hope that this game turns into a beacon for all those struggling through life like myself, who could use a refreshing break from it sometimes.

If i am allowed a spot on the front page i give my word that i won't take it for granted. I believe this could help make my life a little more enjoyable and so i hope highly that others may gain the same in Little Dragon Town.

My deepest regards to the byond community.
You're my friends and i thank you for your time.
So what exactly is it you're asking for?
Hello there!

I'm just putting the word out about the game is all. There's a chance that my post was too vague and if that's the case i apologize.
Just a little bit, considering you have maybe two sentences directly mentioning the game out of about 4 paragraphs, haha.

What kind of game is it? What do you do? Any screenshots?
Haha i'm a bit long winded for sure bro. People tell me that all the time.

I've recently added a few things to my hub and details that should give you a general idea of what kind of game it is. If there are any further questions about the game that you still have at that point feel free to ask them.
Wouldn't a link to said hub entry be a good idea?
Oh that's a good point. I thought that you would be able to find it by clicking my name but allow me to link the hub now. :)
Do i make the cuts? Will i be published?

Gr8 b8 m8 8/8 Would fool again.

Maybe try harder next time when you try and fool the Byond staff into publishing your game.

Little dragon town=

AKA it's a Phantom Hub for his actual game.