by Yukay Karyuu
A semi-sandbox, and strict-roleplay game.
Me being a old time DBG fan, I found myself like many others alittle dissapointed in the lot of Leins reign. Alot of simple things that could've been simply added/tweaked in were ignored. We'd get updates that'd nerf something before we got shit we've been expecting for years. Just to jump down the little lane of nostalgia; during the 2008-2011 era we begged Leins for Bio's & Majins endlessly until he just ended up deleting forum posts and just completely ignored most of our suggestions. Anything that seemed time consuming to him seemed like he wanted no parts in, but aside from that we didn't even get to see anything big change about the game besides its new shit training system and a bunch of unnecessary assets that focused more on pvp than rp. It was annoying. To love a game so much and with the greatest potential but still be lowkey shit because of poor maintenance.

Maybe I can help. As most of those who've been around know, this project has been in progress for atleast 3 years now but was a thought ever since Leins left the server to Rokal(cool guy btw). It showed me he didnt gaf what really happened, he was just on the sideline collecting donations which is still not much of an issue since him as a game owner can do however he pleases but look how it made him look? Look how it made me look at him? I'd be here all day listing how many things make up the asshole of guy named Leins but that fact alone is troubling. I had caught myself thinking I was being robbed and held for ransom for wanting to play a good game withouth any trouble but being threatned by Leins attitude and having to sacrifice my ooc pride in order to stay..? To humble myself from being being bullied by the game owner? Someone whose pockets l' ve put money into? Someone I've helped icon for & only came to with respect? Then I realized I wasn't being FORCED to play & ran off on the plug. A handful of people wanted to go rogue and run off with a dbg type rp server for yeaaars. Some gave up, me? I decided to make my own. It started off as something entirely different, a new Naruto pvp game called Naruto Universe, with a few months of breaking it down it became this;

And with the help of absolutely no one, in a few months became this:

What it looks like now? Big surprise. In the earlier stages most of its publicity was stirred up by a figure name Mag. He was my previous colleague & managed to help get me most of DBGs icons by going online and ssing. He also is the reason today why I'm still continuing with the project. I nearly quit 9 months ago because of me seperating with my gf and having to live with my father in his basement(oh yeah it fucking sucked) & ontop of that we had a 1 year old kid. My mind was focused on irl things and his constant hit ups kept me still interested along with the thought of actually giving the people what they wanted, as he would say it. So then I returned, left again and returned in hope he could do something in my abscense I gave him a premature version of what I had before & was seeing little but atleast some progress. He was learning how to program and started chabging shit even went to take away my admin verbs and delete my admin logs code lol... Eventually we felll off after I realized his true intentions and honestly was something long over due. Fast forward through the heat of drama, here we are today... its pretty clear whose "winning" or w.e here & whats to expect and if not, maybe I can help.
You can create any game you want and it can be pretty asf or whatever... but the question is can you "run" a game? Can you actually run a community, build a family, or a foundation? The test results have proved both attempts of two seperate irate assholes to ever try a server, ahnt, wrong.

So in their failure I bring to you anew era with promises that wont go broken-- & One of those main promises is that I will never do anything in intention to purposely discredit anyone from any ideas/suggestions or complaints nor will I penalize anyone for it. Freedom of speech runs strong in my blood & I'd want everyone else to feel the same way. I look forward to seeing & rping with you all in game & hope the loyalty remains. Btw, you might hear s strange noise in game every 3 hours or so, thats the sfx of my fart. It cleanses space :).


Dark matter farts.
Very truthfully when i first saw this game, and played it. I knew it could be something great, i knew it was better then DBG in all forms mainly because it is mostly original. ANd truthfully because only DBG has those sprites xD but im glad to see that your still at it, and i want to help anyway i can. Im pretty good at iconing and i rarely have anything to do these days. SO just let me know. I hope Era Z truly TOPS DBG, and hopefully it lives forever.