by Kumorii
Howdy, Feeders!

The greatest month of the year is upon us and we have quite a plan in place! We've been hard at work to wrap up some critical basic gameplay mechanics in preparation for a Halloween public beta event where Feed will be hosted continuously for the week leading up to Halloween! Prizes will be given to whomever can claim top of the scoreboard for the event. This will serve as both minor publicity for the game and a stress test to ensure the game is ready and able to handle larger volumes of players over an extended period of uptime. I'm very confident in our work so far and excited because for many of you, it'll be your first opportunity to play Feed! I'll share more information as the event approaches.

In other news, the leaderboards have once again been wiped and the new September leaderboards are now available for view/claim in #leaderboards along with last month. Anal Beads is still holding onto global champion status by a confident margin but with a fresh month full of Feed ahead of us, will anybody knock the crown from the king's head?

Final Leaderboards for September, 2017
1.) Anal Beads
453 Kills | Wave 14 | Map: Streetside
2.) KumoLabRat
426 Kills | Wave 14 | Map: Streetside
3.) Genocide Jack
389 Kills | Wave 19 | Map: Streetside
4.) frog on head man
242 Kills | Wave 10 | Map: Streetside
5.) Magic
240 Kills | Wave 14 | Map: Streetside
6.) fuker of worlds
237 Kills | Wave 11 | Map: Streetside
7.) Sky
177 Kills | Wave 19 | Map: Streetside
8.) Kozuma3
104 Kills | Wave 10 | Map: Steetside
9.) ass
93 Kills | Wave 9 | Map: Streetside
10.) Snake God
77 Kills | Wave 10 | Map: Steetside

This was just a brief community update, but expect some beefy dev news sometime soon! In the meantime, stretch those fingers and prepare for clenched anus' because it's a good month to be a Feeder!

- Kumorii / FeedTeam
congrats to Anal Beads
For the record, the only position that carries over between monthly leaderboards is the Feed Champion title. Feed Champion is persistent and never wiped unless the champion's score is beaten.

Leaderboards from every month will be saved and kept ready for viewing in Feed's Discord in the #leaderboards channel.

Also, I will now be referring to users solely by their in-game alias instead of including their known keys and whatnot. The only exception is in the discord where known users will be tagged with their alias on leaderboards.
TFW you type something random in as a username and take the coveted crown.

In response to Ter13
lol I pretty much change my name every time I play because I have to test character creation so often. I think my current name is "The Dickman"
KumoLabRat is totally not me.

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