The activity tab now tracks subscribed threads.
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Status: Resolved

This issue has been resolved.
Along with this request, a "Favorite Forums" (or something) tab could be added to the main page. This would have a list of recent posts in any forums you are following. It is kind of tedious to click through 30 different hubs plus the primary community forums just to check if anything is new.
Why not just fan the hubs and use your updates?
So far, those updates haven't been working
Hmm .. that should have been fixed with yesterday's updates. When someone posts to a hub you own or are a fan of, the post should be appearing on your "home" page. Are you saying this isn't the case? I just posted something on the "Monster Kingdom" forum, so see if that shows up.
Seems to be working now
Ter13 resolved issue with message:
The activity tab now tracks subscribed threads.