by Gambrinus
A text-based MUD with modern MMO elements
I'm hosting Everheart from my home computer. You may login here:

I'll be online most of the weekend working on new content and adding features here and there. I consider the project in very early alpha, but here are some of the things implemented:
  • Quest system and content for levels 1 to 4
  • Phased rooms and instanced rooms that allow the game world to change as you progress through quests.
  • Newbie tutorial is built-in to low level quest line.
  • Foraging and fishing skill systems
  • Combat, spells, abilities, and effects
  • Chat channels and spam filters
  • Party system with customizable loot handling system
  • Fully featured online content creation system and built-in scripting language
  • Fully functional UI for both BYOND and Telnet users. If using BYOND, the entire game is playable without typing a single command by using the dynamic actions panel

This weekend, I'm focusing on adding features that allow testers to report bugs, typos, and feature requests in-game, so that I can identify and prioritize them between testing sessions. I'll also be working on creating the next city that players get to explore, which is necessary for players to be able to select their guild.

Sorry, there was an issue with port forwarding. It is online now.
Can't seem to join, I get this error. Anything I can do to remedy it? (I've even tried joining via ctrl+o and copy-pasting the IP link into it.)


-Edit; I have indeed checked my firewall settings, nothing unusual. Able to join games on Space Station 13 just fine for example.
Hey NotAPresident. I think the server went down because my computer went into sleep mode. Corrected my computer settings. Give it another try when you have a chance. Thanks!
Yep, downloading resources. Thanks a ton! Can't wait to see how the game plays.