Last Effect

by DragonDesend
Last Effect
Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and more fighting game.
Here it is again, another game I'm reviving ontop of the sidescroller I'm making. Last Effect has been a staple game in my dev history, a lot of the people i talk to know came from it, And the concept is cool if you enjoy fangames / anime. So I thought why not use what I've learnt to make an actual game, instead of a log training simulator.

So here it is,

The game is being fully redone, including - new base icon, better training, better skills etc.

This is the discord if you want to check up on what I'm up to next on either this game, or NSW.

Screen shots of the game, SoonTM as soon as I have more than a man running on grass hitting a slime.
A log training simulator LOL. This sounds promising but might get underrated because it isn't original bla bla bla.