Hello Readers!

We're back with another twice monthly review of recent updates in games created with BYOND! Door opening action, hordes of mindless monsters, and clicky text can all be found below, and more. Let's go!


Bug fixes in BYOND beta 512 has been the name of the game over the past two weeks as developers work out the kinks in new features, and find out what doesn't work in their older projects anymore. The newest release was pushed out today, so if you haven't already, check it out. Once Lummox JR runs out of Beta Bugs to resolve, he shifts gears to the webclient to bring the render over there up to par.


Kumorii is still kicking out the bite-size Feed clips, this time getting bailed out by an airstrike! Classes and maps are in the works, and check out what Unwanted4Murder has been working on. The scoreboards have been reset, and there aren't quite ten participants yet, so battle-up quick!

Everheart, an RPG MUD had alpha testing sessions over the past two weekends. Hosted by Gambrinus, the first players were able to earn their alpha tester medals, and had a chance help out Jasper and a local farmer. Up next? Town #2 and guilds!

Avalon has a set of new updates to try out. The RPG now has running capacities and enhanced interface elements, including full screen display and more fluid battle animations.

Class is in session in Kage: Rise of the Tengu! Five new masteries are available to learn in AvidAnimeFan's newest devlog, along with a dozen and a half other improvements, like revival scrolls, puppets, treasure, and new HUDs.

Bl4ck Adam is getting a bit batty with his latest creation! Three animations have been released of the presently unknown game. In addition the hero's transmogrification abilities, he can also do more subtle tasks, like picking up keys and opening treasure chests in a glorified and heroic-like fashion.

The Last Conflict, Darker Emerald's zombie shooter and survival game, made its way onto the Steam platform recently! Now client sided saving is back to proper working order, so players are able to transfer between servers without losing their progress, guns, cash, and kill counts.

BYOND Resources

  • Vexing vectors! Dajinomight flexs one of BYOND beta's new features in his vectors library.
  • Woo has released a multi-developer game builder. Right now it looks like it only does basic maps and autotiling with no export function, but an interesting concept never-the-less.