So, for about a week or two now, I've been trying to get the program running, (I have the latest build of byond) and it either freezes while opening the client it crashes. Or it'll crash a few seconds after I get into the game. a month back it wasn't having any problems but now it's ridiculous.
Ok so i solved my issue, I have a program Called Sonic Studio 3 installed on my computer, it comes from Asus Motherboards.

When this program is running, Byond appears in system tray but never opens. When i close it Byond will open fine!

Hope this helps you guys
So for all I know it could be a rando program creating problems?
In response to ClassyAngst
To easily check, in windows, Click Start, in Run write MSconfig.

On the main page click Selective Startup, and Unclick Load Startup Items.

Restart computer and try Byond, If it opens correctly them you can re-click Load Start Up Items, and in the Start Up Tab at the top, you can 1 by one disable the programs that start up, and test them.

Disable 1, restart Pc, Open Byond.

Disable the next, Restart Open Byond. ETC until you find the program interfering.

That is if Byond opens when you turn off all startup programs.

Hope this helps