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Is it possible to prevent an icon from animating its movements without disabling gliding all together or disabling any type of regular animations on the icon?

Like if my icon has an idle animation of it blinking every few seconds while standing still and a movement animation.

Then I wanted to say... add an overlay of a car on top of the character to make it look like they're inside of it. Is there a way to do that so the character keeps doing its blinking animation inside the car but doesn't do its walking animation every time the car moves, without disabling gliding between tiles?

This isn't exactly what I need to use this for, just a basic example so please dont just say "Well dont worry about blinking."

I either need to keep the idle animation, or animate the overlay without animating the icon.
Best response
Typically, this is done by not using movement states at all. Since BYOND 4.0, it has been possible to react to when keyboard keys are initially pressed down and released, which enables you to do things like:
* Setting the player's icon state to a separate moving state (with the movement option unchecked) when movement keys are pressed (more specifically, when the player starts moving via player input, i.e. not when moved indirectly).
* Revert back to the standing/idle state when all movement keys are released.
That's not an option. We have players using their own icons as well as premade ones from the game.

Also, if you coded the icons like that, I'm assuming that means your icon would start walking as soon as you hold the key down and stop when you release. Wouldn't that mean your icon would stop moving mid-glide when you release the key and slide the rest of the way through the movement in its idle state?