Simply put, what are you working on? What are you working on? C'mon, show us! Don't be shy of show your fan game, just do it.

Feel free to post screenshots, recordings, blocks of text, ramblings, etc.
Dragon Ball oriented to pvp inspired by Battlerite.

everyone afraid to post here, ima post here soon
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Great, in the other post we are ignored for posting fan game, as if we were doing something very wrong. It would be cool to have a place where fan-makers could see the work of others to admire and inspire.

Been spending a little bit of free time dabbling with a pokeman side project the last week or so. Feed's obviously priority so my progress with it is slow. Ideally it'll be a polished take on the "Play-as-the-pokemon" questing games BYOND used to excel at with some light build/RP elements.

  • Random event (Space Pod falling from the sky)
  • Bombs (5 min of cooldown)
  • Unique instance for the player that copies the map around
  • Instanced Boss fight
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence
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Just to keep this active.
I know that there is a negative stigma around Fan games due to rips and a lot of fan games just ripping the same sprites, but I don't think that they are inherently bad, any more so than an artist making some fan art.

So, here is some stupid Naruto stuff I did a long time ago that never would've seen the light of day otherwise.

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I see you fam.
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tryna put that work in
Awesome stuff. I'm actually currently working on an old game and revising it. Hope to get it as popular as it use to be. Chao Chatterz!~ ^_^