by Exentriks Gaming
A single-player adventure series. Rated T for Teen.

Yes, that's right! The first 4 chapters of Transcend are live on BYOND as of today! (barring any unforeseeable events where I may have to remove them)

The reason for this release is so I can finally start receiving some feedback and work on making the game better with your help. I've been working on this project for around 2 years now all alone and I've put a lot of love and dedication into every detail I can of this game. But up until now, no one has had a chance to play the game and help me find bugs to improve the overall quality of the game. So please, if you do purchase Transcend, give it an honest try with an open mind and help me make it better.

Subscription: As you will notice, the game is only available for those who purchase a lifetime subscription for $9. I understand this may be a large amount for some of you, for what's not even a complete game-- but I promise you with your help and backing, I will continue to work on this project and finish it in due time. Along with helping me and all the effort I've put into this game, you will also be doing BYOND a favor as 20% of all subscription money will be going towards Lummox and BYOND Software.

I'd also like to add that these 4 chapters are not all that is currently done on Transcend, it is simply the most polished part. There is plenty still being worked on so you can expect further chapters coming soon!

In these 4 chapters you will learn what Transcend is all about, how the game-play is going to be and where the game is going. I promise this is a unique experience and the concept and story is entirely original, so please give it a try!

I've uploaded plenty of new pictures on the game's hub but I'll also add some here along with some cool gifs:

If that's not enough to get you guys to try it out, I don't know what I have to do!


I've notice the game may start bugging out and even crash after Chapter 3. Most notably, if when you receive your sword and shield, the sword does not show up or is invisible, I recommend you close the game and load it from the latest save point. It should work correctly from here on. This is a known bug that only occurs some times and I have tried everything but cannot find a fix. So please don't panic, just close it load it again.

Thank you! Give it a try and enjoy!
Will the life time subscription give us access to the complete game in the future?
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Meme01 wrote:
Will the life time subscription give us access to the complete game in the future?

Yes. The life time subscription will grant you access to any and all chapters released. So the complete game goes without saying.
Cool. I'll purchase in a day or two, waiting for my charger to come in on my laptop.
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Awesome! Thank you very much.