Applies to:DM Language
Status: Open

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You can do for (var/i in 1 to 50), this acts as if its iterating through a list with the numbers 1 thru 50 in it.

Wouldn't be super swell if you could use the n to n syntax to generate such lists?

At the moment, attempting to just results in the first number. The to and the other number are silently ignored, suggesting it at least parses this syntax.
Currently there's an obscure bit of syntax that the x in y to z format allows:

exp as num in 1 to 200

This limits exp between 1 and 200 when edited in the prototype editor, which is pretty neat.

Otherwise, x to y doesn't have many uses in the language currently. Would support it having more.
I keep forgetting you can add constraints to the map editor.

If only there was a way to access this variable meta info at runtime. I'd love to add this for better VV support