Last Effect

by DragonDesend
Last Effect
Fairy Tail, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and more fighting game.
Okay, since the post of me reviving the game. I haven't posted much about the game here, (I have done on the discord.)

So I thought I'd showcase the two first "clans" we have added.

So first up we have "Zangetsu", Ichigos Zanpaktou. -insert lore-

I will be making detailed posts on all his skills at a later date. (Most likely on the forums or smth I unno.)

Then we have the Legendary Narto Clan Uchiha.(yay)

They're both still under construction. Needing some more skills / tune ups on current abilities.

But yeah, come into the discord and chat with us and tell me why my game sucks -
Super excited for this to come out.