Dragonball WWA

by Critical172
A new DBZ game
These updates were made to enhance customization choices and combat options.

Unreleased updates:

Kaioken gives bigger buff in God Form
Challenge Tower is Harder once the game realizes you're too strong
Tax bug fixed
Whis now fixed for wars
NPCs automatically spawn on battlefield during war
Custom Skills got nerfed
Arena now has a balanced feature
Added BBK to skill of the week
Challenge Tower bug fixed
Shining Slash now ignores 50% defence

Current updates:

Fixed deathball/spirit bomb bug
Added feature to make a skill your ultimate
It will do 40% more dmg, but cooldown will be doubled

Added limit to zenni by 999,999
Made Learning Skills stat requirements higher


Frieza's spaceship-- (Activates When pl drops below 30%) You turn into mecha frieza and ignore non-critical dmg for 10 secs
Cooler's spaceship-- (Activates When pl drops below 30%) You turn into meta-cooler and deal double dmg for 10 secs

Super 17-- (When Ki is above 30%) half of the damage you take gets reduced from ki

Great Ape-- (When PL above 33%) You transform into great ape and deal double dmg for 10 secs
Golden Great Ape-- (When PL above 33%) You transform into great ape and take 60% less dmg for 10 secs

Absorption blob-- (Activates when pl drops below 15%) Turn into blob and the first person you touch gets stats extremely lowered

Dende's Healing-- (PL Regeneration increases by 3x)
Nails Fusion-- (Your def is reduced by half and put into your atk/eng)

Halo-- Blocking ignores all damage (except unblockable attacks) for 10 secs
Portable Shield-- Take no damage from ki attacks for 10 secs
Blitz-- All attacks are unblockable for 10 secs
Recovery- Heal 1% PL for every hit for 10 secs
Janemba's Phase-- (Become untargetable for 10 secs)

Added Aura Burning:
While blocking hold A
You start draining your ki but you take 80% less damage

Good Traits

All beams and blasts are faster

Effect based skills have 5 sec less cooldown
Blocking knockbacks stun the enemy for a short time
(Meaning they can't do launch combos or combo skills on you)

Kid Buu
melee charges 2x faster
powerup slower

Fat buu
eng attacks do 1.5x more damage
anytime u hit someone with chocolate beam u heal 5% PL

Android 19
Android Absorption lasts 5 secs longer
Blast skills have a 50% chance of homing in on target

Android 17
Melee does 30% more damage
When ki is pass 50% players cant check your powerlevel
5% chance melee causes players to get shocked

Android 18
Ki blast charges 2x faster
Can shoot off 3 additional ki blasts
5% chance ki blast causes players to get shocked

Kamehameha changes based on remaining PL (10x kamehameha/Angry kamehameha)

All beams become 3 tiled
All skills cost 2.5x the amount

melee skills have a 5% chance to leave enemy in fear
you ignore fear status effect
You ignore melee stuns
Eng attacks do 50% less dmg, except broly skills
Blocking doesnt reduce any damage

Using skills right after regeneration do 40% more damage (7 secs after)

While blocking you can counter enemies who are at point blank range and reflect some dmg
50% chance

wff does more dmg
critical hits do 20% more dmg on u

all blasts become piercing

Melee skills have higher chance to do critical
Eng attacks done to stunned enemies do 20% more damage

Mystic Gohan
In base form you do damage equal to your highest transformation (not including God effects)
When you transform, you can't use skills

When your PL drops below 20% you have a chance to auto dodge (based on level)

All Critical hits cause knockbacks
Critical hits do 30% more damage

Whenever you teleport, it disables enemies targeting system to effect you for a short time

Kid Gohan
Ignore ki based stuns
(Made to counter accel shot, volleyball, and galactic donut)

All Gotenks skills do more dmg and last 2 secs longer
All other skills do 40% less dmg

Master Roshi
Solar Flare lasts 5 secs longer
Kamehameha blinds enemies

Anytime you are attacked by an enemy there is a 30% chance u teleport to them
Anytime you use a skill, afterimage activates for 2 secs

Cell(rb to get this)
You have all race passives
You take 30% more dmg

To learn Character Trait talk to NPC on Arctic Planet at lvl 200 and 400

Bad Traits

Kid Goku
Hungry: Randomly become hungry while fighting which halves your attack power for 10 secs

No Ki Guy: You can't shoot multiple ki blasts at once unless you charge

Girly: There's a 30% chance that your guard can be broken

Civilian: You can only do a base 2 hit combo with F

Weak Control: Powering up takes longer

Tired: Randomly get tired while fighting which slows your movement speed for 10 secs

Added PL and Ki (%) when you double click yourself