Soul Society v2

by Tantric1
Soul Society v2
Alpha stages. Frequent updates. PVE/PVP MORPG!
Soul Society

Huge update for you guys! Lots of fixes and good content. Bugs and suggestions should be left on the appropriate forum.

Thank you for your support!

- Title screen fixed.

- Resting fixed. Custom battlesight removed.

- New staff added.

- Deleting a character slot now frees up the name for use again.

- Hidden stat implemented for future updates.

- Refresh Grid improved, now occurs on every connected client every ~10 seconds or so.

- deleted entirely and redone.

- Server HUB showing correct number of players now.

- Masteries reduced to a normal level and should be functional.

- Logs for log training are now visible.

- Minor bug fixes.

- Ajuuca and Vasto Lorde re-enabled and functional.

- Quincy power arrow now does damage and has an effect on mastery.

- All challenge cooldowns (Sado, Orihime, Yoruichi, Ishida, Past Battles) begin after the event ends instead of when you talk to the NPC again.

- Event cooldowns now show up in the tabs.

- Roar verb fixed.

- All Shikai have been corrected and now unlock the appropriate skill slot (Power, Speed, Ability, Critical)

- Minor text fixes.

- Event fixes.

- Clothing Distributor fixed.

- Changelog updated, server name changed.

- School XP slightly boosted.

Keep an eye out for more updates! Once the game is stable and we're ready to move on, additional content is coming. Thanks! Feel free to come hit up the test server to check it out.