Hello! Quick question, not sure if this is prevalent throughout all BYOND games or just ours --

Our HUB sometimes shows the correct amount of players (10 logged in, 10 shown on the HUB). Other times it shows half, or less.

We can't seem to find any rhyme or reason to it.

Thanks for any insight, and your time.

- Tan

This is happening all the time. Also if you restart your server few times it can even pops out as you host 2 games. My guess is byond hud (web side or w\e) needs few more min to refresh from dream deamo and that messes the things up.
I thought this was due to people using alts(and it only counting them as one on the hub.)
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The game only communicates with the hub every so often, to help reduce traffic on the site itself. If every game on BYOND actively being hosted, communicated every second of every day, the website would be even more unusable than it already is.
The server communicates with the hub everytime a client connects or disconnects.

I have noticed that hub counts can get odd if you change the visibility mid run.

Other then that, anything off about hub counts is likely a bug
I know that, typically speaking, there can be lag between the players joining and the HUB updating, but this is a little bit different.

We will show as #4 on the anime section with 20 players. This is accurate. Twenty seconds later, it shows 5 players, even though there are still 20 logged in.

Maybe it's our code. Thanks for the help so far everyone.
Bumping. Still unable to solve this issue. HUB shows 3 people online, but we have 10 logged in.
I'm gonna bump this. It's a pretty annoying problem.

My game Rp Radio CE always lies about the players online

I have no idea what causes the problem.
If it says 7 players online there might be 12, if it says 0 players online there might be 5.

I'd like to know what causes this bug so I can fi xit.
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Thanks for the reply and bump. We're still experiencing the same issue. It's off by 5, 10, or more at times.

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