Poll: game of the year 2017?

mario odyssey 17% (6)
zelda botw 23% (8)
nier automata 5% (2)
tekken 7 0% (0)
hollow knight 2% (1)
pubg/fortnite 2% (1)
nioh 0% (0)
cuphead 0% (0)
sonic mania 0% (0)
re7 5% (2)
prey 0% (0)
persona 5 2% (1)
other.. cuz u gotta be that guy 38% (13)

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list in no particular order, just all the games i could remember that i thought were worthy that i could fit in one poll
This year has actually had some really great games so this is tough, but I think I have to go with BOTW. It really sucked me in and took up way more of my time than anything else.
Call of Dudy World War
Can I vote for Metroid Prime? It wasn't made this year, but I played it recently and it's still pretty good.
Where the -hell- is Divinity Orginal Sin 2? *triggered*

Hehe, just joking. Game is good thouh.
game of the year is classic wow
No sonic forces? Disappointing.
how did u not expect everyone in this community to choose 'other' with that kind of bait
In response to Southend_boi
Southend_boi wrote:
No sonic forces? Disappointing.

Sonic died a long time ago and there's a way to make it good again but Sega is so fucking retarded oh my god. The only reason it's still mentioned is because smash, lets play youtubers, twitch streamers, and kids.

It's so easy to make it good again, but Sega, have proven multiple times they suck as a team at making decisions.
In response to AspireHer0
AspireHer0 wrote:
how did u not expect everyone in this community to choose 'other' with that kind of bait

wasn't bait. i knew that if there wasn't an "other" than ppl would complain, and if there was an "other" then everyone would dive for it
Game of the year has been mount and blade warband every year since it came out