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Drats, looks like Iíll just have to review them manually.

Hello everyone, and welcome to the results of the Whatís in a Name, Seemingly Developerís Challenge!

As the intro above indicated, there were no entries that met the minimum submission qualifications, which means there are no winners (or losers!) in WiNS.

There were, however, two games that were submitted as entries, and while both were disqualified for various reasons, each still has a review to read, but first, letís look at what the topic distribution for WiNS was:

Creator: Topic:
Bravo1 Higoten
MegaBlaze Bravo1
Flick MegaBlaze
D4RK3 54B3R Flick
Dragonpearl123 D4RK3 54B3R
UltimateNarutoSasuke Dragonpearl123
Kats UltimateNarutoSasuke
Requiem Dev Kats
Higoten Requiem Dev

To determine topics, participants looked to the key name of the opponent who registered prior to them, and that was what they were to figure out whatís in a name, seemingly.

Letís take a look at those disqualifications!

Disqualified: Hi Goten! by Bravo1(Game Files)

Here is a story that I would imagine we can all relate to: We find ourselves working fiercely and diligently, attempting to complete our studies and projects. We hit a good break point; take a handful of glances around the room; Catch the eye of our friend sitting nearby and all they can manage to say to us is "Hi". We return to our studies. Another quick glance, another "Hi", as if we were happily unaware of the prior greeting. The onslaught of humorous welcomes continues, serving as a brief and effective distraction from our studies. Then the lady in charge takes notice, and the real distraction begins as we attempt to endure a dozen punches.

Alright, Iím not really familiar with that last part, but Goten in Bravo1ís Hi Goten does! The game starts out with a click-away screen that explains how to play the game, which is to click at certain times. The instructions make this clear, earning the game a 4 for Informative Instructions, And that about ends the game interface display, which also earned a 4, not due to its lack of interface commands, but the responsive and slick feedback given to the player when something happens in the game, which leads to the next 4 score, which is in Music and Sound Effects.

While the game doesnít have a large variety of music (one track), it does use sound effects effectively enough, and variations of those sound effects, to earn a four in my book (Now, on the flip side, I acknowledge that some of these sound effects/sound tracks more likely than not arenít available for public usage, or created during the challenge timeframe, but the grading rubric doesnít take that into consideration... at this time...).

The game appears to run flawlessly, encountering no runtime errors during my run-throughs, scoring another 4. The gameís name was also the gameís topic, Higoten. While the concept was simple, I can safely say that the topic was used to inspire that simple concept, scoring a final 4.

The game scored 3 in enjoyable gameplay, with a 1 for realistic replayability. Without game files available to download from the hub page, the Hub Presentation score is dropped to a 2, and while the Artwork is consistent, I have my doubts of its public domain availability or originality, netting no points.

Bravo1 is a great community member, and he made a DBZ fangame for his submission, and DBZ fangames account for over 13% of all created hubs. For these reasons, he has earned 1 BYOND Spirit point.

Totaling those up concludes Bravo1ís Hi Goten! has earned 31 of a possible 37 points, the highest score of any entry received for the WiNS Developer Challenge, but his entry was disqualified due to a myriad of reasons, mostly related to it being a fangame.

Disqualified: Restless Night by Higoten

While a group of priests were conducting a requiem, a series of chants to help the soul of the recently departed sleep, a mistake was made. Minutes later, the priests found themselves scattered and alone throughout the monastery, and the soul of the Restless among them! Protected only by the beam of light from their candles, the priests would search for their holy books to complete the requiem and place the Restless to sleep forever, or they would fall victim to the Restlessí dark powers and traps made of items not normally found in a monastery!

Restless Night was my submission for WiNS, The replayablility of the game is its highlight, as it is the only category I scored a 4 in. Enjoyable gameplay gets a 3 (The game requires two players, but is significantly more fun with 4 or more), Intuitive Interface also gets a 3. The theme of Restless Night is Requiem Dev, the game ditches the Dev side, and the original version of Restless Night had only candles as items.

During testing, it was recommended that I add more items, like Scarey game. So I did, and now the game is closer to a skin-over of Scarey Game with protective light and undying bad guys. The instructions are subpar, only scoring a two, and structural stability is knocked to a 2 due to a handful of errors in the lobby process, lighting, and a few other places. The artwork was mostly public domain, until I added the aforementioned items created by myself, destroying any potential for graphical consistencies, and also scoring a 1.

The game uses a variety of musical tracks, but no sound effects, scoring another 1. There was no hub for the game when it was released, so no points were gained in that department.

Iím also handing myself a BYOND spirit point, so my score doesnít look so poor.

Total those together, and Restless Night by Higoten scored 17 out of 37 possible points. Unfortunately, Restless Night is disqualified as it's creator is also a judge.

And that brings an end to the judging phase of the Whatís in a Name Developerís Challenge! Congratulations to Bravo1 on creating a submission!
Although I was really hyped to play some of the other games, I had a lot of fun working on Hi Goten, mainly because beating the living heck out of Goten made me laugh my ass off (speaking of, the only reason the HIT GOTEN portion exists is because I constantly misread "Higoten" as "Hitgoten").

The game should be available to download on the hub page now. There's also some secrets in the game that may or may not have been discovered yet. Let me know if you do!
@Bravo1 Your game was amazing, it made me laugh, just what I needed for the day!
When is the next contest? I always miss these things :(