Ok, so I'm trying to get back into SS13 on Byond, but when I did installed it on my laptop, it's stuck on Loading game information, and I let it sit all night once and nothing changed. I tried the firewall solution by allowing connections with Byond and Dream Seeker and all that, and nothing. I even deleted the config and folders in the Documents folder and still nothing. Any way I can fix it? I have the latest version of Byond, which is 511.1385
Which server? Have you tried to connect to others?
None. I can't connect to any games or anything because my Byond doesn't wanna load the menu, only the starting screen saying Loading game Information.
This is often a problem with your system locale or the directory where your BYOND info is stored. If there are Unicode characters in your user path, then you should move your BYOND data directory from your Documents folder to something with a simple name instead. If your system uses a Japanese locale, change it.