Hey people, for those that know me, I've completely and utterly lost all free time I had the pleasure of having and as a result haven't got the time or energy to continue my last seen Naruto-based game, for those that don't know about the game, it was called Ninja Online, works on a 64x64 base with 8 directions, animated completely including an idle with a breathing animation, alongside the 8 directional base it only seemed right to include pixel movement to add full control over the players mobility, the game also comes complete with a Dash and Back Dash feature for even more mobility, the base also has jumping states although they haven't been programmed into the source, the source itself comes complete with:

- A fully interactive on-screen interface, one that I personally am in love with, it's by far the best interface I've designed and put into a game.

- Melee combat, players are able to fight using melee to it's fullest, players use the left mouse button to activate their primary attack or their selected jutsu/skill and right click to guard.

- Skill Systems, although the game hasn't got a whole lot of skills I have managed to program the core skills system including a mastery type system where for each level the skill is increased the skills cooldown and costs are decreased slightly, handseal speed is in, players can increase their handseal speed via passives but can only reduce handseal speed to a minimum of 1 second.

- Inventory & Items, I have input a system where items have both a map image and an inventory image (overworld & gui), players inventories are fully accessable equip with descriptions of the item selected that can display any details you want about the item.

and more...

As I stated at the beginning, the source IS incomplete, HOWEVER, this project is seriously something I believe can change the flow of BYOND and kick it out of 2006 finally, I just hope the game goes to someone who will do it justice.

I'm asking for $65 for the source, in my opinion that's a SERIOUSLY cheap price considering I'm sure I could sell the base alone for more than that, but I'm happy as long as it goes to somebody that's going to really give it their all to progress through the games development.




(this is at maximum punch speed it's a little woh, but it's how fast gates would be hitting lol, also this is only with 2 out of 4 of the punches)
(ignore the Magic MMO.dmm it was originally intended to be a magic game xD)

If interested I will send the .gal (graphics gale) files for all the art alongside the source.

Well if you're interested you can:

Page me: Gold94
Skype me: Page your skype (my skypes weird nobody can find it lol)
Discord me: Gold#8785

Look forward to hearing from you.
- Gold.