Dimension Warriors Online

by Chumble93
Anime inspired sandbox PVP game. Create a character, live a life, survive the universe.
I plan to start a development blog to keep anyone interested in the game updated on progress. Things have been slow for the last 6 months or so. I am a full time college student and am making this in my free time as a hobby. I am currently the only developer working on this game. I was inspired to make this game by being a fan of Dragonball Z and the new Dragonball Super series along with my play time in the world of Dragon Universe. Dragon Universe lacks the positive community I hope to achieve in this game along with being riddled with bugs and an owner that really does not care. I seen potential in that game, so I planned to make one loosely based around both Dragon Universe, and the anime series.The difference being my game will not be a direct rip from the series. My game will focus on original content and concepts not in the series or DU. I also strive to keep my code efficient and bug free. Currently I have much of the core systems complete. As shown in the screenshots. None of it looks pretty, but I plan to make it more appealing in the looks department as soon as I get everything completely implemented and start hosting a beta server. The game will be completely finished by the time I start hosting a public beta. My goal for the Beta is just to find any bugs that might of been missed in small scale testing, along with optimizations for the best possible performance. I am hoping to have a Public Beta within the next 6 months. I do not think the beta will last long before I start adding even more content.

  • About 85% of the creation system is implemented. Quite a few different races are implemented. Only a couple of hairstyles are currently available, but the system is there. It's just a matter of adding the different hairstyles to it.I have part of the karma system programmed but, it's not currently implemented due to some rethinking of how I want it to work. I had it implemented for a bit, but decided against having things that way.

  • Building System: As far as the actual system is concerned it is about 60% done. I still plan to add a technology category to it and corresponding filters.This is not counting all of the actual building objects themselves. I have around 30 building materials added to the system and hundreds more to go. Including the technologies, the game will include 1000+ different building objects.

  • Save System:The way saves will work is a players character never actually leaves the server. It becomes part of the world controlled by an AI. Currently the AI just walks around randomly. Upon release a player will give their character a command whether it be to train, gather resource materials, or other miscellaneous task.

  • The game will have full Gamepad support upon release using a loadout system and button combos. Currently Gamepad support is implemented, but needs a lot of tweaking and not everything in the game supports the use of the Gamepad yet.

  • A basic inventory system is implemented, but not nearly complete.

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can't be a fan of dbz and super
unless you're tasteless and just like shonen for being shonen
Who it's made by is irrelevant in my thought process of why I like it. They are both good in their own way.
shonen is a genre
and no, one's quality, one's garbage.
I thought Shonen was a publisher. lol Which do you prefer?
In response to Kensei_Hirako
Whether one is quality or garbage or not, is an opinion just like his opinion saying he likes both. Grow up some and you'll learn to respect others opinion without thrashing them because you disagree.
Really hard to actually see anything in these screenshots.
In response to Edit Nero
Exactly. Thank you for this.
In response to Unwanted4Murder
I will post some better screenshots next development update. I should of took the screenshot in the full-screen resolution instead of the windowed. Sorry about that.