This is what I want: request_im_a_game_dev_and_i_need_help_rewording/

the artist that I was going to reword that to had a tragic thing happen and now I need someone else to do the graphics.

I'm still not sure if my game should use 64x64 icons instead of 32x32 ones

anyways the original graphics made people comment on my game back when it was on steam greenlight, saying that my game looks like a Hamtaro bootleg rom. they told me I need the graphics to look different for people to not say that anymore about my Hamster Rivals Hangout game when they see screenshots.

so yea I need the um the stuff I said in that reddit post

It'd also be nice if I had ppl helping me out with like the character creator interface and other stuff but yea I need the ...what I said in the reddit post but ya

i mean i dont want anyone to reword anything for me i mean

I'm looking for a pixel artist that can draw hamster graphics for me, but the outline, paw/inside of ear, base of fur, fur designs, hair, hair outlines, and eyes all have to be saved separately since its for a character creator and the player can change the hue of each piece is what I mean