Hello Readers and Happy Thanksgiving! And happy belated holiday to our neighbors up north! This past month has been a boon for developers around here, to which I am thankful for as I have lots to pull from after a bit of a summer lull. Let's check out what's new!

The results for What's in a Name, Seemingly have been posted! There are no formal winners, but congratulations to Bravo1 on successful creating a game in the three day time period!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been plugging away at BYOND 512 as more bugs are fixed and gets closer to a stable release. Optimization has been on the outlook, with a big change being made to the scheduler and other routines that may create a noticeable decrease in proc call overhead. That's something to be thankful for! But we'll just have to wait, as making any sort of major release prior to a holiday is typically a bad idea.


Spires of Agartha has experienced its first event this past weekend, aptly named The First Strike, where the Jianghu began their raid on the Valmasian city of Gehenna. Gehenna was able to endure the attack however! On the development side, savefiles are more resilient to failure, all alchemy ingredients can be found in game, and skills have been balanced.

The seventh edition of the Feed Dev Log has been released by the Feed Team! Covered are the previous leaderboard champions, examination of their week long Halloween event, social media links, and some of the newest additions since last Devlog, including map progression, save slots, classes, and observation. The minimalistic HUD has been rearranged, and the latest Feed clip shows the variety of projectiles found in the game.

Transcend has recently had an update to help correct the crashing that was occurring during animated scenes, and now makes usage of some of the new BYOND 512 features. A video has been released showing some of the combat of Chapter 3, and two dollars less for purchase brings the price to seven on the eve of Black Friday.

Kayren's EvoSim is evolving! Version 0.0.03 of the single celled growing experiment features more motifs, include one that allows for movement, a user's manual begins to take form, and non-standard genes are ready to be tried on.

Aliens have invaded Earth in Phat T's Phantom of the Future and threaten to destroy all life. To save the world, the gods have sent a hero to train on other worlds. To help the heroes, a basic instruction manual has been shared.

Chumble93 is working on a new sandbox player versus player game named Dimension Warriors Online. The core of the game is mostly complete, but content is not yet ready for player digestion. Building, customization, inventory control, and saving have all been mentioned in the latest development log, and a release is set for sometime during the next month.

Ginseng has been busy adding pixel perfect movement to Psiforged! After designing and releasing a giant UFO, he began working to move the game away from tile-based movements, fixed a bug with bounding boxes, grew some plants, and added shadow casting.

Kage: Rise of the Tengu has a Thanksgiving week testing server live for any players who want to jump into the game and check out the world. Training masteries help with advancement, animals are getting chatty, and Crystal Caverns are ready to be explored. Interface changes have been underway as AvidAnimeFan tries to lower the graphical requirements needed to play the game.

Inutaishos is back with an allegedly shorter than normal progress log for Azusa: the Olympians War. Big updates have been made to the training aspects of the game, adding in active training methods along with the passive training methods. Catch up is now done though the new masteries and players can communicate to another one via dreams. New quests, title screen, and ranks are live, and a Black Friday sale is going on now!

X-ShinraTensei-X's call for testers must have not gone unheard, as Densetsu no machi Roleplay's latest updates have been stuffed full with changes, updates, and additions. A tutorial and tips have been added, and previews are part of character creation. Leveling is more challenging and if leveling isn't your forte, crafting is a skill that requires mastering.

The Magic Man is working on putting together alchemy ingredients in his latest project. After showing some impressive screenshots of the land he is creating, he showed off how to create some potions.

Travylleb has posted an artist's progress update on The School District: Online. Racial features have been added to the various characters, and the District has converted to being an all boys school simplifying the artwork load.. So I wonder what those Blackjack cards could be for. Probably just a game to pass the time while the game's programming gets underway.

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The Valmasian city of Gehenna
Gehenna was able to endure the attack however!
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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to push Within BYOND #80, scheduled for release today, off till Friday. I'm feeling a bit under the weather and having a real challenge pulling together coherent sentences today. My Thursday is already chock full, which is why I'm pushing the date to Friday.

Sorry for the delay!
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I hope you feel better soon! <3