Yesterday, I made the decision to substantially strip down the concept for my 4k entry, not due to the size limitation, but as a result of my own time restrictions--I took too long to seriously get started. I thought maybe I would still have time to finish enough features and make the game worth submitting; unfortunately, between work, unexpected activities, and packing for a family trip, I can't see myself completing the project in time. I had very little time this evening and just found out I will have next to no time tomorrow night. Friday is completely out of the question as we will be very busy packing last minute items. Although I was closing in on the last few elements with plenty of space to spare (due to the fact that the majority of my var-setting and proc-running was interpreted from a save file and I only had to define the objects and procs), I have no hope to complete the remainder and still leave time for testing and bug fixing.

The good news is that I did complete the goal I originally set; the 4k Challenge was simply an extra reason to begin work on a new, somewhat-major project--the same way the Challenge of '02 was for Mafia. I would have liked to enter just so I can say I competed, but that was never my real goal. If I can remain motivated, you'll probably see something new in the next few weeks.

As to my 2nd absence, I may make a brief appearance online Friday night, but chances are you won't see me between tomorrow and Sunday after next. Upon my return, I'll continue work on Dream Forge and this newest project, "Nocturnal Alliance."