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I have been focusing on this new rpg game i am trying to make. I am interested in making it somewhat like Nintendo with multilayer rpg tendencies but i need to know how to get started in coding before i continue my game any further. I have read the link yet it does not discuss entirely how to code my game at all. It only shows me how to make this stick figure beginner game in which i do not intend to build.
will som one tell me directly how to first code my game to allow me to map it place my characters down and at least have them move around please.
So that's where that extremely terrible attack snippet almost everyone brings up on the forum comes from.

I would advise against listening to anything that page says, because it's patently wrong and teaches bad habits.

The thing about tutorials is that they're not meant to teach you exactly how to make everything in your game, they're meant to show you the basics of a language. It's up to you to use the basics to put together more complex systems.
ok then what do i follow?
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To begin with the guide will teach you a lot about syntax usage and other basics. I'm... honestly not quite sure where the other resources and articles went during the site transition, I'll see if I can locate those.

e: Other helpful links:

Zilal's tutorials
Forum_account's programming tips