by Spunky_Girl
Comprehensive inventory system using client.screen and HUD objects
I noticed that not much in the way of using HUD/client.screen for an inventory system existed. And those that do exist, don't take into account, saving/loading, item stacking, or sometimes dragging/dropping within the inventory, and rarely item swapping within the inventory.

This resource does all of that. I've only done comments on the Item/Inventory system, since that's the primary focus. If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to page me or leave a comment.

My ultimate goal with this, is to make it as comprehensive as possible. Meaning, it'll do pretty much anything an actual game's inventory system can do.

Current Features
- Saving/Loading system
- Basic pixel movement system + macros
- HUD-based inventory system
-> Dragging and dropping
-> Pickup/Drop items
-> Item stacking and non-stacking

Future Updates
- Splitting item stacks
- Multiple inventories (as in bags?)

- Found and fixed a bug where if you dropped an item on the same bag slot it was already occupying, it would disappear (from trying to stack with itself, and being deleted).
--> I also forgot about mouse_opacity being a thing, and decided to implement it in this version. There should be much less calls to the mouse related procs now.

- Found and fixed a bug with dragging and dropping items

- initial release
v1.0.1 Hotfix posted.
Keep up the good work.
v1.0.2 Hotfix posted.

I was working with another project using this system and discovered another bug involving dropping an item on itself inside the inventory causing it to disappear.
Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thanks .
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