ID:2319536 2017-11-29-the-curse-of-space-station-13 discusses the remake curse of ss13, detailing the remakes that have failed, the millions spent by dean hall, etc
I've had a fantasy of making my own take on SS13's concept for a few years now. it'd be much more action-y though.

maybe one day.
This is really fascinating. I was briefly involved with Centration back in 2005? 2006? it's been a longass time
This was a pretty great read.
Remains my favorite game and the one with the longest playtime, I think it was actually my first byond game, I still remember how excited I got when I became captain my first time and the captain costume looked like the bounter hunter costume Leia wears in star wars 6.

It's grown so much and I want to see it continue to evolve, and I'm glad no remake has ever surpassed it because for me that'd be like somebody redoing the mona lisa with a camera instead of paint, it wouldn't be any better

SS13 will grow with byond and maybe one day make it onto a platform like steam, but I wouldn't make that a goal