BYOND Version:512.1395
Operating System:FreeBSD
Web Browser:Not applicable
Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
I've overridden the IP that DreamDaemon binds to with the command line argument, -ip.

The hub is incorrectly using the public-facing IP of my server, instead of the IP specified in the argument. So any potential clients joining through the game hub on either the website or pager will fail to connect, unless they add the server address directly and join that way.

Edit: I used to use a hook on bind() to force a specific IP, when moving up to the newer versions of DreamDaemon, I saw this feature was added, but it's not working correctly.
Oops. Just realized I posted this in the wrong forum. This should be over in Beta Bugs. Should I repost there or can it be moved?

(though I think this feature was added quite some time ago)
If the bug happens in stable or is with a feature added in stable and isn't a regression caused by a beta, it goes in this forum, not beta bugs. should just confirm it happens on 511 just in case but likely this is the right forum
Bump. This is preventing players from joining our server via the hub, so it's rather serious.
As a temp workaround until this issue gets fixed, only-allow-certain-outbound-traffic-on-certain-interfaces

The hub is port 20002 from what I can tell, so one could use iptables to route 20002 port connections to a different ip.
This is becoming more and more relevant. For something that could likely be fixed by simply calling bind() on the hub socket, this sure is taking a long time to do.