What Do You Want In A Programmer?
Looking for a Competent Programmer?

Want the code for your project to be well-built to the point where other competent programmers can manage the source?

Hate general programmers providing sloppy, unorganized, and/or rushed code?

Want your project to be outstanding not only in Gameplay, but via code as well?

Tired of general programmers leaving their unfinished mess of a job for some other poor soul?

And/Or looking for a better replacement?

Who Am I?
I, Deviant Coder, will gladly be of service.
I program daily, easily obtained my Associates in Computer Science and pursuing my Bachelors atm.
Understand a handful of programming languages and tools, DM (Dream Maker) being said language you're looking for.
Owner of the well known and widely used Icon Repository "Icon Bay" and many other useful Byond Libraries.

What Projects Will I Help With?
Original Projects and/or Fangame Projects that are not based on a ripped source code (ex: No Zeta)

How to Contact:
DiscordApp: DeviantCoder#5287
Skype: DeviantProgrammer or (Barely Active Here)
Byond Pager: Deviant Coder

Please if you may, refer to this ad when contacting me to let me know your intentions beforehand.

Methods of payment will be discussed during the first conversation.