So I've wanted to get back into SS13 yet BYOND is being a pain in the ass. I've been getting no sound from the last 2 days.

Things I have tried:

- Reinstalling Latest Beta and Alpha
- Installed Beta 512.1397 (For goon)
- Cleared cache
- Disabled antivirus
- Checked volume mixer
It is showing that Space Station 13 (application) is not even making sound at all
- Tried a different BYOND game (still no result)
- Asked on the Goon Discord, asked multiple admins on Goon and Colonial Marines.

Still nothin...

Asked on reddit as well ( no_sound_from_any_byond_game_asking_on_reddit_for/)
According to the reddit thread it's been fixed now in case an Admin hasn't read the post.
That would be correct. I had 2 sound drivers and removing the realtek and updating the Nvidia drivers fixed it.