I downloaded byond after receiving a new laptop which came preloaded with Windows 10. I've been able to reach game hubs via the launcher but every time I click to join it sends no error message, and doesn't connect me to the game. This also doesn't allow me to choose a game from the website or direct connect with an IP.

Things i've tried

-redownloading byond
-Activating activeX filtering in IE
-Connecting to several different IP's and several different games
-adding byond to my firewall whitelist
-turning my firewall completely off and trying to connect
-changing from Stable and Beta versions of the byond launcher
-Disabling "Windows Defender"
-Making sure I have IE
-talking to other people who use Windows 10 and have no problems

Whenever I try to connect to a game/server i'm not given an error that I cannot connect/have any other errors.
It's happening exactly the same thing to me. Please, I don't want to install Windows 7 again, I just wanna play BYOND...
Have you tried joining lobbies by copy-pasting the byond:// link on the pager?
I'm using Windows 10 (and have been since its release) and have never had this issue. I don't think your issue is with Internet Explorer. I never changed any settings with IE when I first installed Windows 10, nor did I let it migrate any settings/whatever. Basically, I never touch it.

I think your issue is with your firewall(s)/antivirus(es). When using antivirus, you need to make sure you add an exclusion for dreamseeker.exe, byond.exe, and if you host games, dreamdaemon.exe (I add an exclusion for the entire BYOND installation folder). For any firewalls you may have, you'll need to add rules in them to allow outgoing/incoming traffic from all 3 of the aforementioned .exe files in the BYOND installation folder.

Once you have done all that, you should be able to connect to games and/or host games without any issues. Redownloading BYOND certainly helps. You could also try clearing the BYOND Cache from the pager by clicking on the cog in the top right corner, selecting preferences, clicking the games tab, then clicking the Clear Cache button. Just in case some corruption happened somehow.

Anything beyond that is on you to figure out since none of us know you or your computer.
Getting the same issue; Added all the exceptions into my anti-virus for Dreamseeker.exe and Byond.exe, and have tried connecting via the link format for various servers, but no go.

Trying to install any games in the launcher (e.g. Decadence) results in an immediate error: "Installation of Decadence failed."

Trying to connect to servers via SS13 results in no error nor any motion of any kind. Dreamseeker never launches.
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Jwguy wrote:
Added all the exceptions into my anti-virus for Dreamseeker.exe and Byond.exe...

Have you done the same thing with your firewall(s)? As long as you have never touched Internet Explorer (more importantly, it's settings), then you should not be getting this issue. By default, Windows will try to use Windows Defender for its firewall. If you HAVE touched Internet Explorer and its settings, then you're on your own in that regard. Disallowing certain things to run on that browser could cause an issue with BYOND since it uses IE natively.
Yeah, I've added them to my firewall as well. Made sure to add them both, as well.
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I'm sorry to bombard you with so many questions. I failed to ask this specific one in my initial reply to you.

Did you add outgoing AND incoming communication rules for both byond.exe AND dreamseeker.exe in your firewall(s)? Also, the reason I put an S in parentheses there, is because some people have multiple firewalls. If you're unsure if you have multiple firewalls, you should double check your antivirus/antimalware software to see if they have one as well.
I am attempting to solve this issue, and have been for the pass 5-6+ hours. I have my laptop operating it just fine with my Win7 OS. But on my nephews PC with Win10, to no avail.

Nonetheless, Dont forget to check that your modems built in firewall, does not have a block on the executable files and/or the ports in which they server is being hosted within. Most modern modems/routers have some sort of built in firewall..

Though, I am unsure if my issue is because of having multiple users on the network in addition to having to re-setup my port forwarding every time that I reset the router and/or my PC due to me hosting my game, on my PC which Byond and all of its executables work just fine.

Edit: Could I be causing a conflict between the ports and such being that I am technically Port Forwarding without using a static IP. DHCP Enabled, I just adjust the Ported IP address, to my assigned IP thru DHCP. I Really just would hate to turn the modem onto Static IP handeling, Due to the excessive amount of tablets and such at this house.
Upgrade to Windows 7