Hello Readers! My apologies for the delay, I'm feeling better, but my sentence composure still seems a bit sore. Regardless, I didn't want to release any later than I already have, now lets look around and see what developers have been composing over the last three weeks!


Plenty of optimizations have been introduced to the beta version of BYOND over the last several weeks, all while BYOND developer Lummox JR attempted to survive jury duty! Several of the optimizations should reduce overhead widespread, potentially positively affecting all games, both on the Dream Daemon side and on the Dream Seeker side. So if you haven't moved to the latest BYOND beta, give it a shot and report any issues that arise, as 512 is quickly moving to become to latest stable version.


Crazah has shared the recent development happening in Z Tactics, an isometric RPG/ strategy game. Pyromancers are shooting flames and a forest has popped up and has many mild monsters to begin the journey with. Chances are the forester is going to want some help getting rid of them anyhow. A Discord channel has been created to follow the games progress.

Feed is going out with a blast for 2017, with dynamic smoke clouds fogging everything up, as shown in the twentieth Feed DevClip. The next DevClip shows the upgrades to wild hair-do Orojoro. Coming up next, a centralized town instead of the lobby, support NPCS, and PVP features.

Space Station 13 has recently gotten some high profile coverage lately, well perhaps not the game itself, but rather about the curse of Space Station 13 and why the game is stuck here forever. Perhaps ironically, a game mentioned in the article made an early release, and while not a direct recreation of SS13, is definitely inspired (and pricey!). Pretty neat!

The Magic Man has been busy cranking out content for his latest craft. Over 400 items are able to be made, and while armors and weapons provide boosts to combat skills, other items, like statues, influence other stats. A test of the game is planned when three areas are completed.

Inutaishos has been creating some display materials for Azusa: The Olympians War. Check those out here.

Allied Nations is planning a Steam key Giveaway for Christmas day! Keep an eye on their discord for updates on Operation Coal. Makes one wonder what Godsring is planning to fill everyone's stockings with. Rumor has it the research update is coming along as well.

Spires of Agartha, a roleplaying game, has seen many changes to its roleplaying structure over the past three weeks! In addition to the variations in roleplay point distribution, many new items, crafts, and spells have been added or tweaked. FPS can be set manually, and Pixel Realms is on a quest to find Dungeon Masters.

Kage: Rise of the Tengu has had a handful for updates these past few weeks. Avidanimefan fills us in on the changes, like the addition of ultra rare jade chests, and tool wear. Coming up soon are elemental skills, PVP challenges, and shops.

Chaokai has been working on a sequal to Rise of Heroes, called Rise of Heroes: Unlimited! New icons, maps, and areas are being worked on, with many of the core systems already complete.

Phat T's Phantom of the Future moves closer to the present with demonstration of a boss battle and login procedures. Watch as a large boss is taken down by magic blasts and explosive shots. Then check out the animations depicting character selection and beast mounting. The tutorial and FAQ has also gotten an once-over.

YahnTheCreator has begun a new project, a roleplaying game that takes place in medieval Europe times, named Forlorn Reign. For the moment, he is polling for popular opinion on preferred world persistence, whether it be round-based or fully persistent, or some combination. Right now, mix-turf is the winner.

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Space Station 13 is the only reason BYOND still exists.
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Popisfizzy has been working to add operator overloading to his big number library. Almost as if big numbers didn't overload operations as it was!

And they're now available! I'm sure the teeming masses of BYONDers doing math-y things are super excited.

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Literally nothing of value has been lost.