Merry Christmas Readers! Anyone recall when fading HTML colored text such as this greeting was commonplace on the Internet? Maybe Iím out of the loop, but I havenít seen the effect used in years. At any rate, its the holidays and seems most developers are out (frozen, snow-covered, or trapped with family), but a few have shared their recent updates, so lets see what is being celebrated around here!


The year's last anticipated release of BYOND was made on a soft note, redacting the new proc ordering changes made in a prior release. Moving forward, Developer Lummox JR hopes to tie a bow on the last big webclient fixes, wrap up stability, and hand out BYOND 512 as the stable version in 2018.


Deck the streets with blood and gore, fa lala lala lala lala AHH! Pretty well sums up the latest happening in Feed. Red, Green, and Blue lights decorate the trees, fences, and buildings in Kumorii's snow-covered Dev-clips. Check out the decor, take down some bosses, and snap up a limited edition Santa hat while they are still available!

Densetsu no machi Roleplay is alive and well this holiday season! X-ShinraTensei-X is getting in the spirit with the gift of an excerpt of lore from the in-game tutorial. A Christmas card featuring game artwork was shared as well.

Chumble93 is looking for opinions on the color randomization applied to auras in his PVP sandbox game, Dimension Warriors Online. Current sentiment favors non-random colors, likely influenced (and with good reasoning) by the comments on that post. Otherwise, in the coloring department, the interface scheme has been revisited, and the menu was redone.

Allied Nations received an early Christmas gift from Godsring, a new research system to play with! How far can you advance Along the Tech Tree? A hint of a future feature was dropped, with the groundwork for planetary atmospheres being laid. For Christmas, a throwback server was launch for a bit of nostalgia.

Ginseng has shared a quick clip of building a few pieces of machinery in Psiforged.

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Heh, people used to use those text fades for names in my old game all the time back in '07. So much so that I started saving non-HTML encoded names and the colored names separately.

ETA: ...That sounds like name segregation.
Help clown slipped me and stole my shoes
Development looks a bit sparse this time around..
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as expected during the holidays.
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Orange55 wrote:
Development looks a bit sparse this time around..

Because no smart person would ever make a new game on BYOND.
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In response to Banditoz
Banditoz wrote:
Because no smart person would ever make a new game on BYOND.

Byond as Byond is fine. The community filled with immature children is where the problem lies.

What do you expect when byond community age ranges from 10 to 15 years old people.

And then again...i suppose comments like these and the negativity is also what ruins byond.
U mad face
Everyone has been doing christmas and new year shit, of course its sparse.
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