Another cause for hanging and display problems with turf images was found.
BYOND Version:512.1393
Operating System:Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Web Browser:Chrome 63.0.3239.84
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Resolved (512.1405)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:Some images are not appearing where they should despite everything being correct. The problem is I cannot separate this into a simple test project -- it shows fine in a larger game I work in though. The problem is introduced in 512.1393, but is not present in *.1392 and earlier.

I can send you the source and add some code to allow you to see the issue in only a couple clicks -- just say the word and I'll be messaging you via BYOND Pager.

Workarounds: None.

What type of images? icons, browser assets? overlays? client images? screen images?
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My bad. The problem occurs with client images.
I sent a pager message to you about this but if you haven't seen it yet, please pass along that source when you can.
I'm gonna get to this but I haven't had a chance yet, since I just got sick, so there won't be a fix in 512.1402.
Ah, no problem; focus on getting better. I'm gonna put some more time into creating a test case in the meantime.

My initial deduction turned out incorrect; the problem does occur in 512.1392, but on a very rare basis -- so far it has only happened once and it was after I had been active with others for some time. I may be onto something here, as I did notice very similar behavior when I was testing against the latest beta. At times the problem would only show after a short amount of time -- by my count, about 25 seconds in -- as opposed to showing initially as it does most of the time.

The investigation continues...
After further testing using a friend's project, 510.1345 seems to be when the problem becomes less apparent, though still appearing at some times. Earlier versions as far back as 510.1340 all have the problem occur 100% of the time: no images show up. But after 510.1345, I can go to where the problem occurs ten times, and about three to five out of those ten times the problem occurs.

Image-related changes in 510.1345:
Dream Daemon & Dream Seeker

Extended (big-icon) turfs could be cleared away from the client and not properly restored in some cases. Additionally, the client did not properly handle images on extended turfs so that it could re-apply them if the turf reappeared. (Bravo1)

Dream Seeker

Image updates didn't appear on the correct map tick, and in some environments they didn't appear until a fresh map draw. (Lige)

Images didn't properly update their start time for icon animations when changing icons/states. (Ter13)

From the behavior I've seen across different projects, I feel the bolded plays a significant role.
I think I've managed to reproduce this issue successfully.

Test Environment:

Steps to Reproduction:
* Run the Test Environment world.
* Execute the "test2" command.
* Enter a z-level from 2 to 5.
* Observe the screen.
* Execute the "test2" command.
* Enter a z-level from 1 to 5, excluding the z-level chosen previously.
* Observe the screen.
* Take a step in any direction.
* Observe the screen.

The first observation is a clear success. After that, things are inconsistent, which I believe is what I've been seeing.
Sweet! I'll get on this right away.
Okay, I think I see what you mean. The first time the test2 verb is used, it shows the images right away, but subsequent changes don't register until there's movement when they ought to appear immediately.
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Lummox JR resolved issue
The fix for this appears to have fallen out of the turf-image hang issue (id:2337438). Although this one came first I already closed that issue.
Alright I'll give it a try upon release. Thanks for your time.
So the issue seen in the test case seems to be fixed as of version *.1404, but the problem persists in the large project.

Back to the drawing board.
So I'm seeing two issues:
  1. Images not appearing as described in my initial post.
  2. Client hanging/crashing

Test Environment:

Steps to Reproduction (Bug #1):
1. Run the Test Environment world.
2. Execute the "test2" command.
3. Enter the number "2" as the target z-level and proceed.
4. Observe.
5. Repeat step #3, entering the number you entered prior plus 1, up to a maximum of 5.

Note: On every turf is an "otest" object that has an image attached to it which are [supposed to be] shown when you use the "test2" command to view a z-level. Additionally, on every z-level, the turf at x = 2, y = 2, has an image attached to it which shows a number that increases by 100 when the "test2" command is used. As you go through the steps, you will notice that some or both of these images just plain don't show up.

Steps to Reproduction (Bug #2):
1. Run the Test Environment world.
2. Execute the "test2" command.
3. Enter the number "2" as the target z-level and proceed.
4. Execute the "test2" command.
5. Enter the number "1" as the target z-level and proceed.
6. Observe.

I've been able to reproduce both issues 100% of the time.
I tried to take a look at this, but it seems you're missing some files from the zip. I'm missing 0numbers.dmi and timage.dmi.
Probably my fault. Try again.
The link no longer works.
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