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A friend recently showed me a really cool game but her host files became corrupt and so did the downloadable ones. So I was thinking I could download the source files (it's open source and get host files that way. However I get errors when I attempt to do so . However I did notice a file (albeit not a run able one) called host files does this somehow have something to do with the problem ?
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To correct these errors, inside of dream maker navigate to Build > Preferences and check the checkbox that says Automatically set File_Dir for sub-directories. The problem is that when you compiled, the compiler didn't look for resource files inside of folders. With that enabled the compiler will now check inside folders as well.
Hello Blue7x, as Blade34 said please turn on Automatically set File_Dir for sub-directories. Please also check for the latest updates and changes. If you need further assistance you can join the official discord there as we are quite a modestly large community.