Densetsu no machi(City of Legends) Roleplay

by X-ShinraTensei-X
Densetsu no machi(City of Legends) Roleplay
Roleplaying game set in fantasy/medieval times!

"The Breach"

After the humans breach of heavens, the gods have argued. There were serveral gods of Eras..

Goken, Magnus, Valak, Zaran and Zash.

Goken known for her kindness. Magnus known for her toying with mortals..male mortals to be precise. Valak for his valor. Zaran for his neutrality and Zash for fear.

When mortals breached their domain the argument has been started by non other than Zash..Zash believed that mortals should pay the price for this blasphemy. Of course Goken was the first Godess to not agree with this suggestion, Valak followed even the Zaran who found himself above the mundane tasks of god hood and interference with mortals protested against this.

And so the decision was made that mortals will be forgiven for their trespassing and that it was the fault of gods at first place for not seeing such thing was possible in first place.

Zash however cared little for words of others..among all gods she was the one hardest to keep in line and control. And so she decided to act upon her will...tricking the gods one by one...Zash has imprisoned the Gods where their powers were of no use.

At that day the darkness has spread trough the land of Eras. With Zash arrival..mysterious rifts have started to appear, all sort of evil beasts have started to pour out. Sky has turned red...and the hope has faded. For wherever she has stepped..the air was filled with her unseemly chanting, which meshes perfectly with the cries of wild, hungry animals. And so the lands were filled with fear..but what mortals feared most was silence... That prenatural silence only makes it worse, as it is undoubtely but a preamble to another attack by the forces of darkness.