When a cold hit last week I had relatively high hopes of kicking it quickly, but sadly that was not to be. A rough weekend led into a rough start to the week, and as a result a bunch of things got pushed back. There's one bug in particular I still need to look into, but because other issues were available with simpler test cases they got solved first.

So today I put out a new build, 512.1403, that should fix a couple of those lower-hanging issues--and one not so low-hanging, which ironically was a hang. Chances are the fixes won't impact most projects, but the ones they did impact will care about them quite a lot. SS13 in particular was hit by the hang issue that I believe should be resolved now.

I'm pleased so say I think I'm finally out of the woods with that freaking cold, so I've been getting back up to speed properly with development. But it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it cost me about a week. At least I didn't get the flu like a lot of my family did. I'm down to a minimal cough and just a little bit of residual gunk in my head and chest, so I'm calling it a win.

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Bless you!
Really missed an opportunity connecting "dropping 10 pounds" to "BYOND donation." tsk, tsk