Poll: Are you in favor of this project going public and in what fashion?

Yes, as a closed source project. 13% (2)
Yes, as a GPL, AGPL, or LGPL project. 46% (7)
Yes, as a(n) MIT, BSD, Apache 2.0, or zlib project. 26% (4)
No, due to potential legal or moral implications. 13% (2)

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As a number of y'all already know, I was producing a project called the BYOND File Handler. Few may even remember the fact I brought it up in my alternative DM compiler thread. Well, I thought I may bring up an interesting discussion and poll in this regards. There three 'yes' choices along with a single 'no' choice; that is because I could handle this project in different fashions.

What is the BYOND File Handler for anyone who doesn't know about it? Well, I designed this project as a modular library solution for reading and writing various supported files BYOND is capable of handling. Right now, it is equipped with DMB, RSC (don't worry, it is only capable of unencrypted RSC files), and DMM cores. I plan on adding a 'SAV' core in the future for BYOND-specific savefiles.

Why does this project exist? It was originally to replace the monolithic approach that various DMB tools I worked on used. In fact, my solution is technically not the first of it's kind in regards to DMB (and even RSC handling). Working on this project has actually brought forth interesting concepts that can be used in an ethical way (rather than unethical as was the case for certain other tools). It can be very useful in a white hat fashion. Examples include building a new cutting edge compiler, a tool for better bytecode analysis (potentially finding faulty bytecodes), etc. This project is meant to be used in DLL, SO, or some other module/shared library form.

So, why for the multiple choice poll? Well, this is mainly due to legal issues that can crop up by doing any degree of reverse engineering and making that work officially public. While not necessarily illegal in say the U.S.; companies can actually stop you from doing such work (regardless if it's good or bad). Mind y'all that this project does not hook to the software's EXEs/DLLs (which is already in direct violation with BYOND's current EULA). Just because 'yes' and 'open source' are popular options doesn't mean it'll give approved (that's pretty much up to current owners of BYOND like 'Lummox JR' in this case).

Now, I know a number of y'all would like to see an open source BYOND. I think open-sourced tools would be a good step. As for the primary software itself; there is no way it would ever be completely open-source. First reason is ads. Second reason is the FMOD library licensing (which in general can be problematic for open-sourced projects; not to mention, the fact BYOND uses a unique version of that license). I'm not an expert with legal matters, but thought I would bring them up anyhow. It would be nice to see open-source approaches nonetheless.

This post could make or break this project's future based on the fact if it gets noticed and a response. If it does get approval for public distribution and even open source; I believe the best license is something akin to MIT, BSD, Apache 2.0, or even zlib (as these licenses are less bound to cause issues compared to GPL-based licenses).

Y'all are free to leave any kind of opinion. Just make sure to keep it civil. ;)
Here's an update in regards to the project: I have in fact created a repository for the project just in case it ever goes open source. However, it is a private repository at present (until I add a license) through GitLabs.

There is a good chance I may grant early access to the repository to known individuals (even before I add a license). In fact, some already have access to an earlier version. I may also provide a .NET build (utilizing .NET Core) for budding C# programmers.

As for the poll, there is still no deadline at present. I will keep it up until something happens.
This post is another update to indicate I am now further optimizing the BYOND File Handler in both reading and writing. Currently, this form of optimization is available only for Windows. However, this will also be available for POSIX-supported platforms like Linux and Mac OS X.

Judging by popular demand, it seems like GPL options are currently the most popular. In that case, there is a chance I'll lean towards LGPL as it is library-based. I may even make it public before acquiring approval just to see if it generates any kind of interest. There is a reminder that this was not intended for hooking, but instead building custom programs that can encourage the ecosystem.