Fantasia Online is a game like none before, with goals without limit. There is two worlds that I will be going over in this post. If you want to create a truly original masterpiece with my hit me Inbox up. If you are in for a interesting story read below, I can almost bet you will like the story!

Real World: In Fantasia Online there are maps called the “Real World” they are essentially the RL of the game. There is many professions you can have from, Manager of a Grocery Store to even a big time CEO of a huge telecommunications company. You can buy a house, get married and even have children((Which Players can create into when they create a character)). The goal of the real world part of the game for the developers is the economy to be 100% player run. Clearly this wont be a possibility right away, right? Understandable, so Developers will be creating NPCs in game to compensate in jobs that are needed to run the Economy, such as; Farmers, Miners, or even Oil Companies. Once a player believes they want to pursue a career in a position that is run by a NPC, they can apply for it. Although you have a monthly quota you have to meet to keep the position. Makes sense right? Cant have Farmers producing only a Tomato a month. You can even be a minor who goes to Middle School or Even High School! Though this gets boring at a point right? Living lives that we can just live off of BYOND is kind of lame. I mean yea, being able to customize a dream life is pretty cool for a time, being able to choose between a uncountable amount of clothing combinations and even owning a huge business as a CEO with a huge house is fun.... for a while. Though with all this content, this isn’t actually the purpose of the game, this is like the appetizer to the main meal or the prep act for the main act.

Virtual World: So Jimmy, Jimmy is a 17 year old High School Student. He gets pretty fair grades even in his Junior year. So Mommy and Daddy reward him for his hard work. They buy him a Virtual Headset! You fools already know where this is going -wink wink- And they buy him the game “Gundo Online” Gundo Online is a Gunman Survival game where you buy gear and take quests. So Smart Little Jimmy, gets on his bead and enters the Virtual World of Gundo Online! Ok serious talk now, as you already know in the Real World you can make money live a dream life, blah blah but you can either start off with FD meaning Fantasia Dollar, to buy a Virtual Headset or start off with enough money to get by and then earn money to buy the VR headset. Here is the cool part thought, Developers will create One HUGE Virtual World Known as “Fantasia Online” now Fantasia is set in a Medieval/Fantasy age. You start on level 1, on level one there is gear shops, restaurants, etc etc basically a huge functional world. There is professions players can level up like; Cooking, Gardening, Black Smith, or even Doctor Skills! You can enchant your weapons, level up your Dagger, Sword, Two Handed Sword, Axe handling skills. There is so many weapons to choose from so you will never have to stick to the same old weapon. Fantasia is designed to be suited for all types of players, players who like to grind on mobs and players who are story driven and hate grinding on mobs. In Fantasia there is quests, mobs, even npcs you can interact with. Just like the real world in time we Developers hope to make Fantasia fully a functioning economy run by players!!! In Fantasia Online there is a planned limit of 1000 levels and each level is its own land, history, mobs, and boss. To beat a level who hand to defeat the boss which isnt easy, although it is doable for solo players, We recommend you look into guilds or parties. Wait Wait Zap... What the hell is Gundo Online then? Well what if I told you, you could create your OWN world by piecing together an extreme amount of little pieces made by Developers and players like you? Want to make a VR world where you’re a Pirate and the earth is 90% water? You can do it. Want to make a VR world where 75% of the human race is zombies? You can do it. Want to make a WWII VR World? You can do it. We plan to make a small little system, once you Beat Level 30 on Fantasia Online you can make your OWN VR world. In the Real World, you will have a Computer where you can log in and once you beat level 30 on Fantasia Online you will have an option to Create your Own VR World. A little menu will appear once you click on the option where you can choose a template world like; Fantasy, Guns, Old, Future, Medieval, Pirates, or even Apocalypse. Or you can start from scratch making whatever you like! You get to create Quests, mobs, npcs, levels, bosses and even maps by a simple drag and drop! At the end of the day you can log out of your virtual world and go back to the Real World at anytime!

Have any suggestions? Let me know! :D

There is much MUCH more but I cant spoil the surprise just yet!!!

Welcome to Fantasia Online

If you think you’d want to help this enormous project Contact me on:
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Please provide experience !

This is not a paid project. This is a hobby for me and anyone else who joins this team! Compensation down the road from Donations or In Game Purchases are a different matter and will be split up amongst the team.

Currently Recruiting :
Pixel Artists
Sound FX
Forum Managers
GUI Professionals
that sure is a lot of people you are looking for

what is it that you do again
I do programming, mapping and hosting.