My game keeps saying C:/Program Files (x86)/BYOND/bin/dreamseeker.exe "byond://Byond.world859667067" -page, so I reinstalled it and still it keeps saying that..I dont know what to do so could someone help?
What is "saying" that exactly, and how? What exactly is appearing on your screen? Can you describe the problem in more detail?
Same, its just keep loading, and hub play buttom dont to anything.
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No, Ferrius, that's a completely different issue. In your case the infinite loading is caused by either a trans-ASCII character in your BYOND path, or a Japanese locale. If you're not using a Japanese locale, then once you change your BYOND path (via Preferences | Advanced in the pager) to something simple like C:\BYOND the problem should resolve.
Problem solved (kinda). I just go to the hub, and copy url adress of the game from the play buttom