by Manio
Humans try and complete a series of objectives to escape a city under siege by monstrous Kaiju.

It's been a while since I last thrusted out a developer update, so here's one. The game is nearing the stages for alpha testing (closed obviously) and I'll be looking into finding some folks to help me with all of that.

The game is very simple as of right now. It's an objective based, extraction game where the human players must work together to complete a series of objectives so they can call in for a helicopter extraction and get out of this "fictionalized" version of Japan before the kaiju player/players completely destroy it and them.

Here you see the generator, which requires a gas can to be turned on. Once the generator is turned on, the radio can be activated and extraction will make its way to the extraction site present on the map. Each objective item spawns randomly somewhere on the map at the start of each round.

And here's the radio. Using this bad-boy calls in a helicopter extraction that will leave in a short time. Any players who fail to extract "lose" and any human players who end up extracting, win when the time runs out.

Kaiju players obviously win by killing every living player. Each completed objective nets you 200 credits. The credits are used to buy new human player skins (such as the Mr Meeseeks skin you see in the screenshots) and new kaijus when they become available which you can do via the in-game lobby.
Monstrous will be launching with the core gamemode, the map based around Japan and the four core Kaiju in the game.

Vehicles will also be present during the alpha testing stages and may be removed around the time of release. Currently the only modes of transportation in-game are pedal bikes that will randomly spawn, similar to objectives and support up to two players per bike. The one steering and the passenger standing on the pegs.

More coding needs to be done the vehicles before they're shown off.

Thanks for following!