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Well lets start the post off with a little introduction,
I've been in Byond of a awful while, playing games and all and I've been interested to create my own game. Though, i don't really have that much skill with coding, i was thinking of having a game made on a similar plane to pokemon.

Inspired a bit by Digimon World Championship* i want to have the game built more around taking care of the creatures rather than being focused on battling whoring 24/7. The way this would work out is by how you treat your creature each day would impact the behavior it has in fights and also the way it mutates from day to day. This would take some major planning with the creation of the coding however if it goes all well the game would come out perfect.

Since this idea is basically something I plotted out of the top of my head, I really need more ideas to go into this also helpful criticism towards this idea. So... Throw those questions at me :D

* Digimon World Championships - A digimon game based more around raising you digimon. The way you train it and take care of it will determine it's stats and what it digivolves to. See here for more...
Sort of dislike. I think you're trying to make a minor feature more than what it needs to be. Take Dragon Warrior Monsters for example. The breeding aspect is fun, but the main focus is battling. If the game was centered mainly around breeding all day, the game would probably have a much smaller audience.

What you should probably do is eliminate battling all together, and make the game sort of a collector game where the object is to train and breed monsters that all have some sort of rarity rating. Players would get satisfaction out of "Oh wow, I just discovered breeding a Dragon and a Taurus makes a Taurodragon with a tier 10 rarity rating" as opposed to "Oh wow, my Taurodragon has 5000 hit points" which seems to be less suitable for a game that doesn't focus on battling. Make it sort of like Pokemon Snap where you have to travel to certain parts and capture monsters that live in certain habitats, raise them, breed them, and show them off.
In response to EmpirezTeam
In a response to your criticism, i think i explained it wrong. This game is more of a balanced for of raising and battling, breeding is a whole different concept to the subject of raising.

Breeding is more of the concept of creating new monster and trying to make the perfect breed out of many attempts of hatching eggs and etc.

But my game focuses on raising ONE (Maybe more later on) creature known as a Luos. As a player, you will have to raise the creature as doing different actions can cause changes in the behavior and appearance of it. Also battling will be a factor in this game, but not as major as most of the games in byond. I want the game to not be focus on "OMG i got the best monster ever who could never be beaten." but more of a thing that makes you want to experiment with the things you do to your Luos, to make it change form, personality, colors and elements which will have a play in the advantages in a battle.

Let me give an example.

Let's say you start to be mean to your Luos, it would start to have a negative relationship with you and perhaps disobey your orders. Along with this, it's skin colors would darken to indicate how the relationship with the Luos is going.

As for another example, you begin to raise your Luos in a colder climate. This would make you Luos less affected by the cold and possibly gain winter fur.
Hm. Probably another dislike again. Not saying that idea is bad, but I wouldn't enjoy only having one creature.

This will also take a ton of work. For this game to be any good, you will need lots of possibilities and factors to change each creature. If you only put a few ( like 3 or 4 different climate choices ), you're going to see a lot of people with very similar creatures which isn't any fun. If you're making this by yourself, I'd aim for something a bit more simple.
Hah, I started a project like this just a few weeks ago. Ended up quitting it shortly after starting, though, haha.

That said, I'm into this sort of thing, so if you ever decide to go through with it, you've got my support, B).
dontike that idea
Try getting some inspiration from the Monster Rancher series.
It might give you more ideas.

Start small and simple. One "Luos", 4 types of weather.
Probably have a % statistic on the weather's. As one raises, one lowers.

Good luck!
I was considering a project like this after playing Monster Rancher 2 again (And getting a new Jell monster up to Rank A before retirement! Too proud).

I really like the thought of spending 90% of the game time training your monster with drills and building a bond with the monster, and the remaining 10% would be on errantry (gauntlet style obstacle courses that have a chance of bestowing a new ability upon your monster), expeditions, and actual tournaments.
When you feel a bond with your monster, the interaction with your monster really starts to drive the game. How you train your monster have huge effects upon how its personality develops, and in a sense how your relationship with the monster develops: whether it become cuddly and clingy or perpetually pissed and arrogant. And then the personality can end up creating new interactions, like when the Monster would request certain items or ask to play a game with you. This also makes monster injuries, runaways, retirement and eventual death that much more impacting as well.

While thinking about the project, I came to the conclusion that in order for this to work out in a multiplayer game, you would need to have EVE-Online style training queues so that your monster can continue training the skills it needs to train even when you can't be online to play.

Additionally, I did not figure out how to run the tournaments in a similar fashion to Monster Rancher. The tournaments in Monster Rancher were run on very specific timeframes, with ranking qualifiers every 3 months and the other regional tournaments one every few months up to once a year. There are a huge number of problems that come into play here: Naturally, you need dynamic brackets and sign ups (So arbitrary time scales can work out), but when a tournament starts... How long could the whole thing take to run, automatically? What happens when some players are missing? What happens when you have extraordinarily large brackets? I don't have the answer to all of these, because large brackets can lead to huge wait times in between matches and could then lead to players disconnecting from the tournament in the middle or before it starts. I'm unsure how to solve this.

Good luck on your project.