Hello Readers! To celebrate the recession of the floodwaters in his apartment, Konlet decided to host a one-day BYOND membership giveaway yesterday, along with a pledge to match donations made during that day. It looks like 39 memberships were purchased and 9 donations were matched, meaning that Konlet donated over $600 to BYOND, also putting him within the top 10 highest all-time BYOND benefactors!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR is keeping the bug spray (and bug medication) handy, continuing to remove the buggers as they crawl back in. Other time-sinks aside, BYOND 512 is beginning to stabilize, so if you're still running 511, download the latest beta and see how the newest features and speed-ups can help you! On upcoming BYOND developments, the web-client needs to play catch up, and some website features are on-the-way as well.


Manio has returned with the latest news regarding the situation in Japan and his newest survival development Monstrous! The residents are desperately trying to escape the oversized Kaiju who are terrorizing the nation, all they have to do is get the generator up and running and call in the helicopter before getting squished, strangled, eaten, or ripped. The mayhem begins soon, so contact Manio to get a spot on the alpha testers list!

Ginseng has been using his map and compass to orientate where he plans to take Psiforged, setting up goals and determining where he wants the god-powered game to end up at. A new psionic attack has been added, NPCs are feeling chatty, and visual tweaks have been made to make the player's avatar more comfortable, pending that a meteor doesn't fall from the sky on their head!

The Feed Team keeps on firing out updates to their round-based surivial game, Feed! The game has moved from alpha to beta, and contains all the newest wacky (Really, what is with that new hub icon?!) improvements and changes, is available for download though their Discord page. A new Devclip is coming down the red carpet, and Prince is dominating the feederboards after upsetting MagicMike.

Taint_thewizard has been keeping up on Avalon! The first part of the tutorial is complete, a combat training and chest opening scenario. At completion, players get a preview of the next location, and the chickens and butterflies that currently inhabit the area.

Ninpo in AvidAnimeFan's Kage: Rise of the Tengu is seeing some big changes. The skills now require that players collect and learn styles, which are used to develop custom Ninpos to attack and defend with. As ninjas progress though the ranks, their ability to retain more Ninpos increases as well. New enemies can be found, and status effects wreak havoc. Crafting projects that are too difficult have a chance of failure, and a fast-travel map is in development.

Five new spells have been discovered in Pixel Realm's Spires of Agartha this past week. Each spell has a basic version and a more advanced version for players who have earned enough Roleplaying Points to do the upgrade. Additionally, dozens of changes have been made to help balance the current palette of combat features, and shop keepers are currently on an extended vacation. Join their Discord channel for all of the latest news.

The townspeople in Antimonium are getting a bit more creative with their apparel. Zuhayr has shown a handful of screenshots depicting the latest trends in 19th century fashion, and the ability to... recycle no-longer-needed clothing.

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