Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
For obj and mob, there should be an addition of separate layers for each direction that changes the layer based on the direction of the movable atom.

This is useful for clothing, hair, and accessories, that should have different layers based on the direction.

There could be an addition of several layer variables (Or a different structure that's more efficient) for the other directions such as NORTH, WEST, EAST, NORTHWEST, SOUTHEAST, etc... Except for SOUTH because the already existing layer variable can be for the SOUTH direction by default. If any of those directional layers are undefined, it will be treated as the SOUTH directional layer instead.

So now, whenever the obj or mob change their direction, their layer is set to their specified directional layer.
The ugly work around, that you can use until byond adds this feature, is to do a bunch of overlays, one for each direction, where each overlay only has 1 direction filled in.
Makes sense