Event Feb 10 2018, 12:00 pm
to Feb 10 2018, 8:59 pm
Ahoy folks! BYOND has tons of great games that the internet doesn't know about, and some of our best & most fun games were made years ago. This Saturday (probably starting around 3pm EST) some of us are going to get together and do a kind of "Let's Play BYOND" event. In BYOND's early days, players and developers used to do these all the time, and they were called Gatherings of BYOND (GoB). You should join us!

I've put together a list of current popular games, well known classics, and wild cards, that I'll publish this Saturday morning on my Events Hub page. I'll also host a little chat room so you can find people, and it'll say what game we're currently playing. We'll go down the list playing each game. If it sucks, we leave in like 5min. If it's good, we stay for a half hour or more. Then we move on to the next on the list. If you like the game you're playing, stay there as long as you like, and move down the list when you're ready. Those of us who can screen capture will take "Let's Play" videos and post them to Youtube.

* Games are fun. Why else are we Here? Let's play more games!
* There are a lot of old fun games on BYOND, and it'll be great to play them again.
* Playing a lot of different games will make you a better game designer.
* Let's play videos can drive traffic. Things don't turn around over night, but if we keep it up then it can eventually have an impact.
* Got an old game that you want to play, but it's never hosted or active? Nominate it for the list!

Please let me know if you intend to join us and can screen capture video.
Also, some great games take a LONG TIME to finish a session, so they don't work well for an event like this. I'm planning to play one of them around 1pm Saturday as sort of a Pre-event. So join up early if you're down for the long haul. See you then!
Time zone?
3pm Eastern USA time. According to Lummox's post, the forum should show the event time in each person's chosen time zone.
Thanks for the announcement!
Ahoy folks, We're online and running! I've got a central chat server up at IainPeregrine.Events, and I'm currently hosting Oasiscircle.Alchemist. Come join the game!
We've moved on to YutPut/AetheruneTournament. I'm really excited about playing this for the first time.

We're moving through games pretty quickly, so follow us on the pager or join the chat room to find out where we are now. See you there!
shoot Im down. Dont forget I got a large archive of old BYOND games uploaded in case you need em.

let me know when you got a discord up.