Hey, I really like the sprite, I haven't seen digimon stuff in ages, it got me inspired to do one using a different ref pic. I used less saturated colours which I always think looks more serious.
My looks more cartoony- yours looks more serious. I don't know which one, if any, is better. It may just be a different style rather than one is better.
Yeah, I definitely think your one's vibe is more like the TV show.
Oh thanks.

What about this one with shading:

I like the new one a lot, the shading is subtle but definitely makes it look more 3D. I think there should be less shading right on the top of the head though.

I hope you don't mind but I have done an edit with light on the head and the shading more around it instead, I also darkened the shadows a bit and made them a bit more towards blue.
I kept a lot of the original stuff though since you had done it really well.

Edit: Actually I can see now that I must have naturally messed it up a bit with my own style, so you might wanna just ignore it.
Are you an experienced pixel artist sir? Your art shows that. I only practiced improving my pixel art for 3 months. I've progressed a lot as my art used to look ugly. I also still need to learn a lot more about the techniques including shading.
I can tell that you're already good, your original is a really readable interpretation of the reference image.

This is an edit which is more true to your original but with the shading how I would do it, I didn't change the colours as much either. I stopped before I started curving and clumping stuff up this time.
Replying to this thread a bit late but you have the right idea, but' I wouldn't limit yourself to such a small canvas to work with when you're doing practice pixel art such as this. This specific reference has a lot of detail that's needed to go into it and the size you're working with really can't handle that. Also don't be afraid to get creative and less "boxy" try to use more cluster shading and less single pixels. Gigarax had a good edit and pretty much nailed it on the head with its size limitations.

That character study of Gabumon is some high level stuff right there. I probably can't compete in that regard so I just did an idle and walk state for my guy (south facing only).

Very nice job, guys. I see George's big one has a lot of detail.