Hello Readers! I hope that you have all enjoyed your Valentines Day, which also means it's the month of February, and once again time for developer's to share their BYOND visions of 250 words or less in a special section of Within BYOND. A BYOND vision is an opportunity for creators to share their reflections of 2017 and game-development aspirations for 2018! Visions are due to by February 26th for approval.

IainPeregrine held a Gathering of BYOND game playing event this past Saturday! A band of BYONDers played great classic games, like Casual Quest, Plunder Gnome, Murder Mansion, Lord of the Bugs, and more! Stayed tuned, as the next GoB may be as soon as two Saturdays away.


Image issues in the last few beta builds have been about as persistent as Lummox JR's recent bout with the flu. In between the vanishing and hanging, Regex fixes and map symbol corrections were made, and he has begun tackling visual contents in the webclient.


Everheart, a text-based MUD adventure, is now permanently online! The game is still in early alpha, but players can create a character and explore the first town and surrounding areas. Then, after completing all that is currently available, Gambrinus encourages interested players to put on their thinking caps and create the next adventure!

Manio has shared two of the key pre-game lobby NPCs in Monstrous, the Kaiju Fanboy and the Skins seller, both of whom deal with selling various outfits for players to save up money for and wear as they survive and/or destroy Japan.

Kunark gave Surreal Dreams a few quick fixes recently. The game no longer throws a tantrum when units are killed by traps, locked units keep out of the way, and stats have been brought into balance.

Spires of Agartha has made a ton of tweaks to skills and spells recently. However, among all of the changes, new Chaos and Order magics have been discovered! Telekinesis, True Sight, Accelerated Healing, and Rot are all available for study and advancement. Keeps a channel open on their Discord page for all the latest in the Role Playing world.

OttavioVaz is hopping for joy that he has finished creating a game. Ribbit is a classic arcade game, dodge the cars and crocs to land safely on the other side.

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My apologies for the delays for Within Byond #85. Wednesday came and went without my notice. But While writing today, the power cut out an hour ago (and has remained out, currently typing on a phone.) during a wind storm, so I won't be able to complete WB today. Thanks for being patient and I will post when next possible.
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