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Is it possible to add another pixel_y or pixel_z variable? Like pixel_y2 (works the same) or pixel_z2 (works the same). Is it possible?
I'll advise you that the likelihood of such an implementation occurring is unlikely. Why would you need such a variable?
ss13 uses both pixel_y and pixel_z, and it would be nice to add another one, if possible, is there a method to do so?
You can still edit the value of the variable or increment the value of the variable; so why would you need another one?
what if pixel_y got changed while I'm doing my own changes, due to code? it would look unsmooth for what I want
If you wanted the object to move up and down; the original pixel_y value was 100. You just need to add/minus it from the original value, if you want to animate the object you just need to take into consideration the previous pixel_y.
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you could have a setPixelY() proc that sets pixel y to the sum of a list of values and call that proc whenever you change pixel y/instead of changing pixel y


pixel_y = pixel_y1 + pixel_y2 + pixel_y3 + pixel_y4


might be even faster to do this as a preprocessor