Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
suck my dick
Laura Hudson rubbed her hands in her soapy pink hair one last time, working the shampoo into her scalp, before she grabbed the bar of Nanotrasen soap and began lathering her body with the gasped as the tall lizard burst into the bathroom, naked from the waist down. His ID on his shirt said “Flamescale Zakuto”, and he was leering at her with a gaze filled with lust and hunger. His scaly cock was erect and glinting in the light, pointing towards her. While she pointlessly tried to cover her nether regions with a towel, Flamescale sprinted towards Laura, pinning her arms behind her back. "Let me go!" hollered the long-haired lass, as she thrashed helplessly against his grip. Flamescale said nothing, however, and gripped both her wrists with one strong hand, so he could have easy access to the object of his desires. Slowly, he slipped one finger in her pussy after another, until he had a whole hand in. Tears coming to her eyes as she yelled and squirmed in his grip, trying to get the foreign limb out of her, until her efforts eventually led her to lean against the airlock. Stalking the halls behind her array of faithful hunters, the alien queen and her platoon enjoyed the feeling of the plasma-filled vines pulsing underneath their feet. She was extremely proud of herself, as she had managed to decimate an entire space station to nothing more than a breeding area! However, as she walked past the Domitory, her head snapped back. Lights on the airlock leading to the toilet flashed green, right before they opened and a couple of crewmembers entangled in a fight spilled out. "What'ssss thisssss?" the alien queen hissed, and the couple immediately snapped their heads to look at the alien. She towered at 7 feet tall, covered from head to toe in shiny black carapace. As they tried to stand up, the hunters sprang into action, pinning them to the ground. "Oh no, humanssss. You're ssstaying right there where I can play with you." the queen said, then making a throaty noise that can only be assumed was a laugh. The warrior Xenomorphs held the human and lizard above their stiff penises, prepared to thrust at any moment. Flamescale let out a long whine, scared at what was going to happen next. A long interval passed, and just as Flamescale prepared to say something, the queen barked an order. "NOW!" she shouted, in her strange alien voice. Going both in at once, the Xenomorphs forced themselves into the two, bottoming themselves out in seconds. Whines and groans escaped the lizard’s mouth, Flamescale despising the treatment; Laura’s, seemed however, were of pure pleasure and ecstasy. "Oh God, yes!" Laura cried, along with many other screams of pleasure. Flamescale, however, just grimaced, but was beginning to bite his lip. Filling her, the hunter slowly pulled in and out, slowly picking up momentum. Long draws out of her became short, and soon, he was rutting with her like a wild beast. He never stagnated, as if he had infinite endurance, and kept going long after she had came at least 5 times. Zakuto, however, was not so lucky as to enjoy it in the beginning. Stretched beyond belief, it was extremely painful in the beginning, the alien grinding his face into the steel floor tiles as he pounded his ass. However, as it somehow lubricated itself, it began to feel smoother and more pleasurable. Eventually, he was biting his lip to hold back his gasps and moans of pleasure, until eventually he could do it no longer. He released it in one, big sigh of pleasure, jizzing onto his stomach. The aliens continued to breed with the human and lizard, eventually breaking down Flamescale into begging to be fucked. Eventually, even with their great sexual stamina, they reached their climax. They began pumping the two full of Xeno spunk, until it came dribbling back out of them, at which point they pulled out and coated the pairs' backs in it. Sliding off their huge genitals, the two slumped to the ground, unconscious. Standing in front of the whole scene, the alien queen looked on with a mightily pleased look on her face. When Laura awoke, she was trapped in a fleshy, purple chamber of resin. Laura attempted to stand up, but she found herself held down by bonds of the same substance, which felt strong as steel. She craned her neck to look around, and she saw Flamescale, trapped in quite a similar predicament, and a resin membrane. To her horror, she saw the same alien queen from before staring at her! After seeing her awaken, the Xeno grinned wolfishly and walked off, presumably to gather the hunters again. A few minutes passed, and she managed to break free of her bonds. Looking over at the other nest, she saw Flamescale staring at the ceiling, presumably in shock. Quickly ripping off the bindings, she grabbed him, and smashed in the membrane. The path out stood clear, the Starboard Hall only a few meters away. As if by magic, when she saw it, an announcement echoed through the station: “The emergency shuttle has docked with the station.” Laura ran. The alien queen walked through the hall at a leisurely pace, knowing the two captives would never be able to free themselves from their bonds in time. She could do anything she wanted to them, and they wouldn’t be able to do anything but lie there and wait for it to be over. She could bring in the sentinels on this, and they were across the station! Maybe some facehuggers could enhance things, or- Fuck. They escaped. Well, that wasn’t a problem! She was a strong alien, and she could spit neurotoxin, acid, she could catch them. Nothing was a problem for her! Fuck. They’re too fast. The alien queen roared an ear-splitting call to her hunters, calling them to join her in her hunt for the stupid creatures. A horde of a dozen ebony-scaled minions poured through the resin door, ready to bend to her every whim. Pushing though the airlocks and beginning to sniff around the shuttle, the hunters searched high and low for the two escapees, pushing over chairs and medical supplies while doing so. “No, not in there!” Laura whispered to herself. She was peeking at what they were doing through the